DelmiaWorks moduli - Warehouse Management System (WMS)
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Kompletno WMS rešenje po meri vaše proizvodnje koje možete jednostavno dodati ostalim DelmiaWorks modulima.

DelmiaWorks - Warehouse Management

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Modul Warehouse Management System

Wireless, Mobile Inventory Transactions 

  • Receiving, Adjustments, Physical Inventory, Cycle Counting, Production Entry, Material Backflush, Pick Tickets, Packing Slips, Bills of Lading, Inter-Company Transfers, KanBan Cards

Access to RealTime Production Data

  • Setup Jobs, Enter Scrap & Downtime Codes, Report Production, Print Labels

Utilizes Proven RF Technology

  • Scanners, PDAs & Tablets

  • Bar Code Part #s, Quantities, Serial #s, etc.

  • Real Time Online Transactions

Customizable User Profiles Define Users Transaction Modes

Print Labels from Scanner/PDA

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  • Warehouse Communications

  • Speed Of Managing Inventory

  • Data Accuracy

  • FIFO/LIFO Tracking

  • Shipping & Order Fulfillment Rates


  • Cost of Inventory Data Collection

  • Data Input Errors

Customer Success Stories

  • Reduced warehouse space by 25% 

  • Increased plant efficiency from 70% to 98% 

  • Increased on-time deliveries to >99%

  • Completed year-end inventory in <5% of previous labor time

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