DelmiaWorks moduli - Project Manager
Softverski alat za upravljanje projektima

DelmiaWorks modul za upravljanje projektima svih vrsta od davanja ponuda do isporuke. Povezan je sa svim drugim ključnim modulima - PLM, ponude inženjeringa, magacin, ljudski resursi, održavanje, računovodstvo..

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Project Management Modul

Comprehensive Support for Tracking Any Types Of Capital Projects 

  • From Quote Creation Through Work Order Completion

Supports Multi-level Tasking 

  • Financial Roll Up For Detail Tracking

Links To PLM, Engineering Quotes, Inventory, Purchasing, Labor Reporting, Maintenance & Accounting


  • Project Administration Capabilities

  • Speed of Project Setup
    Cloning & Templates

  • Visibility of Project Financial Status

  • Ease of Data Input

  • Accuracy of Project Cost Data

  • Lifecycle Cost Analysis

Simplify the Management of Manufacturing Projects

The DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS) Project Manager module simplifies the complex web of tasks and challenges associated with project administration and tracking capital equipment projects such as tooling. DELMIAWorks Project Manager offers comprehensive support for all stages of a project from initiation, planning and quoting, to project exception and completion.
  • Track any Type of Project
    - User defined tasks and project templates allow for detail project tracking for any type of capital project from quote creation through work order completion.
  • Project History 
    - Project archives allow for a complete historical record of the project to be maintained.
  • Assign Labor
    - Links with the Time and Attendance module allow you to select the most efficient method of assigning and reporting labor to each task, ensuring all labor is accounted for.
  • Multi-Level Tasking
     - Supports multi-level task assignments with financial roll up for detail tracking.

Ovo je samo jedan od modula DelmiaWorks MES i ERP rešenja za proizvodnju! 

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