Stamping Die Engineer
Reduce the number of physical prototypes by anticipating manufacturability of stamping die process

Stamping Die Engineer for Industrial Equipment is a Role for Sheet metal stamping die design. This role increases productivity by guiding users from the conceptual planning through to detailed tooling design of complex stamped sheet metal parts. It provides specific set of functions which enable to connect forming, spring back simulation results to stamping die design while producing high quality morphed Surface for compensation.

Stamping Die Engineer provides concept method planning assistant for non CAD experts,

Enables seamless integration between concept and detailed design to minimize design duplications,

Cuts cost by reducing the need for physical die prototypes,

Specialized features for die face based on design best practices accelerates high quality surface design,

Specialized and global deformation features to manage spring-back & structural tool compensation process from simulation results.

 Finally the complete integration within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform allows work concurrently in teams on the same project.


High productivity with specialized wizard and features

Intuitive and process oriented

Facilitate design for manufacturing collaboration with early process engineering

Die face method planning

Conceptual die surface design to enable quick validation based on simulation

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Composites Designer
Cut design cycle times of composites parts by designing in context of collaborative loops while accounting for manufacturing constraints.