Mold & Compensation Engineer (MOD)
Najnaprednija MOLD rola na 3DEXPERIENCE platformi

CATIA Mold & Compensation Engineer  enables the designer to automate design tasks ,assists the decision-making and compensates tooling of a complex mold:

  • Assess cost of innovative tooling concepts including accurate pulling direction, wall thickness analysis, placeholder for ejectors and cooling systems

  • Anticipate and check manufacturing compliance with plastic injection simulation integrated in the environment of the mold designer

  • Extract parting lines and parting surfaces in dedicated features providing a productive design change automation

  • Assess complex mold kinematics

  • Re-use company know-how captured in Smart Components

  • Provide a large catalogs of equipped Moldbases from most of the mold components suppliers

  • Seamless 3D Electrode design

  • Anticipate Tool Compensation based on scans or simulation results 

Finally the complete integration within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform allows work concurrently in teams on the same project.

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Ključne karakteristike:

Core and cavity Separation:

  • Many impacts of the plastic part design changes can be managed on the molded part features (Pulling Direction, Parting line, Separation…) with automatic update.

  • Pulling Direction:Easier understanding of separation. Analysis and modification of part topology with reflect or custom line. Computation and visualization of undercuts.

  • Parting Line: Flexible parting line design process.

  • Separation: Simplified one click separation. Generation of all separation surfaces from a single full parting line.

  • Automatic fill surface : Fill all the separation side surfaces in one operation.

  • Parting surface: Automatic profiles creation on discontinuity points. Automatic Surface creation based on existing profiles. Parting surface wizard with extrude, fill, multisection , sweep surfaces.

  • Electrode Creation: Define the area to electrode using a 2D sketch. Easily create active geometries based on Spark gap parameter.

  • Process oriented plastic injection points ready for injection simulation and mold design.

  • Wall thickness analysis.

Mold Tooling Design:

  • Mold base without core & cavity inserts.

  • Rectangular, Circular or user defined prints patterns.

  • Runner & Coolant design on sketch.

  • Conformal Coolant design for Additive manufacturing.

  • Tooling component placement with a single command for both standard tooling components as well as Ejectors and Core pins.

  • Tooling systems templates including kinematics animations.

  • Flexible Mold base Configurator with all major supplier Mold catalogs.

  • SIMULIA Plastic Part Filling

  • Simulate the filling phase of the injection molding process for a thermo-plastic part in the context of the mold designer.

  • Easy design change propagation up to the simulation.

 Reverse Shape Optimizer:

  • Import and optimize clouds of points and STL data, create and refine meshes.

  • Create virtual shape from simulation computation or digitization results.

  • Compare nominal shape with predicted or real shape and measure deviations.

  • Update and optimize nominal shape by applying or compensation difference.

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