Mechanical Shape Refinement Designer (SUM-OC)
Mechanical Shape Refinement Engineer provides a higher level of surface modeling capabilities, enabling to respect technical constraints and still matter on aesthetical or surface optimization criteria.
      Mechanical Shape Refinement Engineer objective is to provides more advanced surface capabilities to a wide range of user profiles, from traditional engineering up to manufacturing processes specialists.

      Mechanical Shape Refinement Engineer enables to reach higher skills in surface modeling to empower user with more surface tools such as local surface refinement, surface simplification and global deformation.

      Mechanical Shape Refinement Engineer is a cross-industry role helping user to reach manufacturability criteria with best compromise in surface quality

      Increase product perceived quality.
      Reach higher final shape standards.
      Respecting both together Engineering and Manufacturing constraints.
      Optimize process flow & computation performances.

      Advanced Explicit surface Modeling.
      Analysis and Control tools for Engineering.
      Global Deformation Solution.
      Dedicated features for shape quality conversion and improvement

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