Electrical 3D & Manufacturing Engineer (ELM)
Aplikacija specijalizovana definisanje 2D i 3D elektro, fluid, HVAC podsistema kao i automatizovano kreiranje dokumentacije za proizvodnju (formboard)...

An integrated 3D electrical development environment which enables the physical design of wire harness and cabling in the context of the complete product

Electrical 3D & Manufacturing Engineer (ELM) is a role that covers the Physical Design of wire harness and cabling within the DMU of a product as well as the manufacturing preparation like formboards, harness manufacturing drawings and 3D manufacturing development. It is part of the complete integrated Electrical process and has tight synchronization capabilities with the Systems Schematic Engineer role.

This role mainly consits of 2 parts: Electrical 3D Physical Design and Electrical Manufacturing Engineering:

The Electrical 3D Physical designer capabilities deliver a process-specific solution for designing physical wire harnesses. This solution is driven by logical specifications (schematics) and is integrated with harness manufacturing preparation. By delivering a realistic simulation for 3D wire harness packaging in an integrated environment, this powerful solution reduces design time and increases the overall quality of large-scale electrical systems. It also enriches the design through realistic deformation of flexible harnesses by taking into account environmental conditions like gravity.

The Electrical Manufacturing Preparation capabilities addresses the flattening of the 3D wire harness on to a 2D plane and create manufacturing documents (2D drawings) and reports. The user can create both scaled or non scaled drawings as well as formboard drawings that can be used directly as manufacturing input.

Short Description:

- Synchronize electrical schematic to 3D design and optimize the harness routing in context of the complete product

- Route 3D wires and cables to obtain exact bundle diameters and wire/cable lengths

- Generate automatic annotated scaled drawings and needed manufacturing documentation

- Easily synchronized changes to reflect changes in the 3D design to the manufacturing documents

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Odoo CMS - a big picture
CATIA Systems Schematic Engineer (TIC)
Aplikacija specijalizovana definisanje elektro, fluid, HVAC podsistema...