CATIA Mechanical & Shape Engineer (M3S)
CATIA Mechanical & Shape Engineer (M3S)
  • Real-time collaboration: work in parallel and exchange through 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

  • Conceptual design: use 2D or 3D techniques to create a workable concept for detailed design

  • Assembly & kinematics: Design and animate complex kinematic mechanisms

  • Detailed Design: Accelerate detailed design of the rough parts and check the feasibility to ensure the manufacturing requirements

  • Unified user interface: Accelerate your design with natural manipulations and contextual interactions

  • Product review: Detect and track interferences, check the weight distribution and analyze the digital mock-up with relevant engineering data

  • Knowledge design automation: Capitalize on your assets, capture modeling methodologies and reuse associative templates

  • Associative Drawings: Generate associative layouts with multi-views, dimensions, and associated bill of materials

  • Advanced Surface Design: Enrich mechanical products with sophisticated & high-quality shapes

  • Shape Morphing: Enrich Surface modeling capability with Shape Morphing capabilities and Reverse modeler abilities.

  • Static Study :Predict the structural behavior of the mechanical assembly under loads

  • Human Design: Assess mechanisms in the context of different type of humans and posture

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CATIA Mechanical Engineer (M3K)
CATIA Mechanical Engineer (M3K) aplikacija na 3DEXPERIENCE platformi