A comprehensive set of applications to design, integrate and manage an ambitious building project within the context of the city

Key Values:

  • Create Level of Development (LOD) 500 Building Information Models (BIM), fully compliant with industry standards (IFC)

  • Extensive scalability for projects of all sizes and levels of complexity

  • Skip tedious workflows by fabricating building components directly from the 3D design model

  • Author building information models with the worlds most robust Product Lifecycle Management platform: the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Key Capabilities:

  • Geolocation of the construction and infrastructure project

  • Integrated terrain modeling

  • Model quickly with an out of the box standard set of generic building components

  • Transition from low LOD to high LOD automatically with Component Based Design

  • Create associative construction documents from the 3D model

  • Maximize reuse by creating parametric templates that can be instantiated across multiple models

  • Create custom automation routines by writing scripts and algorithms using knowledge patterns, actions, reactions and rules


Live Rendering
Sheet Metal Design
System Finder
Converter for Rhinoceros
Product Finder
Converter for AutoCAD
Engineering Templates
Exchanges Management
Natural Assembly
Product Structure
Imagine & Shape
Buildings Structure
Collaborative Lifecycle
Design IP Classification
Design Review
Converter for COLLADA
3D Printing
Interference Check
Terrain Preparation
Multi-Discipline Drafting
Material Definition
Bent Part Design
Engineering IP Control
Building and Civil Assemblies
Engineering Rules Capture
2D Layout for 3D Design
Manufacturing Finder
Data Setup
Natural Shape
3D Templates Capture
Mechanical Intf Temp Capture
Interference Finder
Building 3D Design
Collaborative IP Management
Drafting Template Design
Know-how Apps Creation
Converter for IGES
Component Family Definition
Converter for OBJ
Buildings Space Planning
Converter for Revit
Quality Rules Reuse
Know-how Apps Res.
Assembly Design
Converter for STEP MultiDisc.
Converter for FBX
Rendering Scene Design
Converter for IFC
Converter for STEP
Change Action
Sketch Tracer
Natural Sketch
Simulation Finder

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