3D Space aplikacija na 3DEXPERIENCE platformi
3D SPACE app overview

 Collaborative spaces organize content to manage who can access that content, and when users from other collaborative spaces can access the content.

The collaborative space, with the role and organization, comprises the credentials that control user access to content. Within a collaborative space, all users work as a single team. All members of the collaborative space with the same role have the same content access rights. The collaborative space, not the user, owns content created in that space. The collaborative space Owner can change the baseline behavior by defining access rules to take advantage of mechanisms such as strict ownership, reservation, and transfer of ownership. 


You can use these provided collaborative space families as templates to create your collaborative spaces:



You can create as many collaborative spaces of each type as you need. An Owner can modify existing collaborative spaces. You cannot build a hierarchy of collaborative spaces.

A user can create, modify or delete content in the collaborative space that the user is currently logged into. The collaborative space owns the content and only an Administrator can transfer content to another collaborative space.

Access to content in collaborative spaces can be public, protected, or private. Accessing content means the ability to search for, explore, view and open the content.

The Owner can increase the visibility of a collaborative space. For example, a private collaborative space can be made protected or public and a protected collaborative space can be made public. However, a public collaborative space cannot be made protected or private and a protected collaborative space cannot be made private.

Note: The Platform Administrator can configure 3DSpace to prevent an Owner from editing visibility. If so, you need the Administrator access role to edit the visibility.


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