3D Search aplikacija na 3DEXPERIENCE platformi
3D SEARCH app overview

In the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the search front-end is called 3DSearch.

When you use 3DSearch, you can:

  •     Perform a simple keyword search.

  •     Restrict the search scope, using Search in Current Dashboard and Search in this App.

  •     Perform an Advanced Search and refine your query with filters (facets).

  •     Filter search results with 6WTags. For more information, see Filtering Search Results and Widgets with 6WTags.

  •     Control the display of search results.

  •     Use Type Shortcuts to launch predefined queries.

Legal information: Extended usage, going beyond the features mentioned above, is authorized only to users granted with specific roles corresponding to features available in the portfolio. For example, the following features require additional licenses and roles (not covered by the Business Innovator and Industry Innovator roles): 360° view of items, customization of the search results display, search by similarity, expand and search on product structure, search based on geographic or volume filtering, roll up information on a graph of items. 


The 3DSearch scope includes the following 3DEXPERIENCE platform items: 3DSwym, 3DDrive, and 3DSpace items for users having access to collaborative spaces. 

Filtering Search Results and Widgets with 6WTags


 6WTags reveal the semantics of your content and guide you to search for content precisely. Tags are either extracted from the search results content automatically or user-defined.

Widgets using the 6WTags protocol also supply 6WTags with a list of facets that can be displayed.

6WTags display next to the search results list when you launch a query from the search box. In some cases, like when using mobile devices, you can display them by clicking 6WTags next to the search box.

By default:

    The UI displays a limited number of tags. To see all tags, click Show All at the bottom of the panel.

    The Source tag is expanded to reveal all available sources. 3DSwym communities display under Communities, 3DSpace collaborative spaces (projects) display under Collaborative Spaces, and you also have nodes for 3DDrive and Google Drive.

    Tags can display a maximum number of 50 3DSwym tag values, and 100 for 3DDrive or 3DSpace.

User-defined tags appear right under each 6WTags.

Anybody can remove them at any time.

Note: You cannot create User-defined tags from Search on 3DDrive content. 

3D Space aplikacija na 3DEXPERIENCE platformi
3D SPACE app overview