3D Product Architect (PAU-OC)
3D Product Architect enables visualization, exploration and digital mock-up of multi-CAD product structures within a web-browser.



3D Product Architect provides the ability to compose a unified product structure and see potential impacts of making changes without the use of a CAD application. Browser-based applications in the 3D Product Architect role show the product structure as well as corresponding 3D CAD imagery to provide a complete view of the product definition.

Engineering teams can realize the impacts of change through 3D composition, reducing the need for design prototypes while working with multi-discipline mechanical and electrical systems. Navigate multi-CAD digital mockups of any size from any web browser enabled device. Prepare changes in 3D to shorten design cycle times by automatically tracking product updates within the change process.


3D Compose
3D Annotation Insight
Product Structure Editor
CATIA Mechanical & Shape Engineer (M3S-OC)
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